Business Needs: As a local management, development, and placement center for the Pacific Northwest’s premier young talent, Seattle Talent has been a leading agency since 1999. They have been managing and training young models, actors, and singers in the Seattle area—developing them to their fullest potential and providing them opportunities to work in the biggest agencies located New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. As the company has been in business for nearly 18 years, it was about time that they took their enterprise to the next level. They realized how important it is to expand their company’s mobility as well as increase customer interaction.

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In particular, Seattle Talent wanted a more efficient and seamless way to communicate with its clients. Seattle Talent especially needed a quick and easy way to stay in touch with participants and parents of the participants during large talent conventions.

During the International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) New York Convention, an opportunity arose for Seattle Talent to collaborate with TouchBase Inc. and launch their own mobile app for use in other talent conferences. Seattle Talent signed with TouchBase Inc. and mobile applications were created and launched in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Early January 2017, IMTA was holding another talent search convention in Los Angeles, California. Seattle Talent participated in this event and used TouchBase’s mobile applications to communicate with their clients. There was an extremely large number of young adults, kids, and parents at this event and it proved to be crucial for Seattle Talent to have a way to contact their clients. Specifically, over 150 mobile phones used TouchBase’s apps to get information about the event. TouchBase’s app for Seattle Talent provided its users with:
1. On the spot push notifications for public announcements
2. PDF files for monologue scripts (for acting clients)
3. Floor maps for IMTA convention event
4. Daily agenda and schedule for convention
5. Social media posts

Through the creation of their own mobile application, Seattle Talent was able to expand their reach and communicate more effectively to their clients. Although IMTA LA has ended, Seattle Talent has continued to reap the BENEFITS of the mobile app that TouchBase Inc. created. The mobile application is currently being used to publish videos from the IMTA convention.

Robert Keeling, the CFO at Seattle Talent, was the key executive at IMTA LA who was running the notifications and content on the Seattle Talent mobile app used during the event. He currently wishes for the app to be used prior to events for clients to receive scholarships, etc. TouchBase continues to work with Seattle Talent to further improve their enterprise needs through their own mobile application!

TouchBase Inc is an enterprise mobility entity that was started with the goal of meeting the needs of companies seeking to tap into the advantages of interactive touch displays. The company was founded by GOLS Inc, who specializes in mobile and enterprise application development and has served as the development arm for many companies around the world.