In the Event and Tradeshow industry, you often only get one chance to make a good first impression. This especially applies for exhibitors at these events who must try to sell a compelling story about their company, their services or themselves amidst increasing attendee foot traffic.

 It's a lot like speed dating! You need to move fast and you need to meet with everyone you can.

  Jeri Wait

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It can often be daunting to try and communicate the value of your companies' products and services to attendees considering the brevity and competitive nature of a busy exhibitor floor. For this reason, Jeri
knows that efficiency can make all the difference at events such as the 2014 Mobile World Congress which took place in February.

  It's really just been a revolutionary way for us to travel throughout the exhibitor floor when you literally have hundreds of attendees and exhibitors to meet.

  You need to move fast and you need to have a great tool in which you can quickly sit down with someone and present your company and your solution as easily as possible.  
  Jeri Wait
By allowing her to brand the TouchBase app on her iPads with Orca Wave's signage and enabling immediate access to her marketing content such as PDFs, PPTs and Video presentations, Jeri and her team were not only able to cover much more ground at the event, but they were able to present their selling points in a much more stylized and efficient manner.
In addition to being able to better share her company's information with the attendees at the Mobile World Congress, Jeri and her team found TouchBase was an optimal tool for events of all types and sizes. Lead capture, direct email, Salesforce and DocuSign integration are all TouchBase features that helped drastically improve Orca Wave's productivity at the event. And seeing as Jeri and her team were able to utilize TouchBase on multiple devices without the need of an internet connection, it appears she won't have to worry as much about the possibility of a bad first impression at the next event.

 Met so many others who were interested and asked about TouchBase services as it seemed so easy to use. Orca Wave is very excited after using this product and looking forward to use it at events in the future.   
Jeri Wait            
Founder at Orca Wave

Orca Wave, in its 12th year of operations, with a global customer base of wholesale and retail telecommunication carriers, MVNOs, CLECs, PTTs, wireless, conferencing, enterprise and financial institutions; provides mission critical tools for crucial data management, multi-level revenue assurance, highly detailed cost control, complete integration to switching platform(s), as well as highly streamlined business processes via information uploading.

The BlueWater software suite that includes seamless code management with Intelligent Routing directly to the switching platform(s) and with SIP Redirect, Robust Billing, LNP/LRN and Rating Platform, coupled with a wide range of reporting , alarming, bilateral tracking, credit management and other mission critical functionality. Regardless the switching platform type or the routing plans needed to be supported – Least Cost Routing, QoS / Benchmark Routing, Percent Routing, Bilateral Routing, Fixed Plan Routing, SMS routing and numerous others-- we are a crucial element of our customer’s success and recognize the importance we bring to everyone throughout our customer’s organization – executive team, NOC, engineering, finance, sales, buyers, and others, as well as providing a robust portal for our customer’s customers.

TouchBase Inc is an enterprise mobility entity that was started with the goal of meeting the needs of companies seeking to tap into the advantages of interactive touch displays. The company was founded by GOLS Inc, who specializes in mobile and enterprise application development and has served as the development arm for many companies around the world.